Sunday, January 16, 2011

Take My Hand and Don't Look Back, Cuz If You Do, You're Whack

I gave the world my stomach and you gave me back my heart. Right now I'm listening to the universe breathe through it's nose as odd as it may seem, I hear a stream of white noise regurgitating my thoughts. Your broken record is playing on my soul, if only I could meet destiny half way. I'm half way through this phaze of wonderlust, looking for a new friend to crush my joy. Life is full of the haves and have-nots, have you heard what I just said? I think not is what my nose just bled, shredding all these new found thoughts into papyrus.Crushed flower petals and feelings is clearly what I heard when I last listened to your universe spinning outa control, f*** Ophiucus, I think you're the new zodiac sign, cause I clearly see twins swimming in opposite directions on both air and land.You steal from the blind and you lie to the deaf. I planted a seed and it did not grow, you whispered in my ear and said it was so.